Q:What file types are compatible with this site and video player?

A:Our software encodes all video types and reformats the file into an .mp4. We recommend using an .mp4 file for faster uploading.

Q:Is there any cost associated with membership?

A:GameFilm360 is a subscription based application. There is monthly cost associated with the service. We also offer 30 day trial period for $1

Q:Does the video software allow me to breakdown game films?

A:Yes! With our software, you can group and edit game films according to your preferences. Want to highlight a particular play? Or edit the game into smaller clips? Our software will allow you to do just that.

Q:Is there a recommended video file size?

A:We recommend utilizing video clips that are less than 1GB each. This allows for faster encoding.

Q:Can archived players still access videos from archived seasons?

A:Players from previous seasons cannot access films from an archived season at this time.

Q:Do I have control over who has viewing and downloading access to the games I upload?

A:Yes! Only players and coaches on your team can access the games you upload. When you share a game film, the recipient is sent a secure link which verifies his/her information with what you’ve submitted before they can access the film.

Q:Do you have an mobile application?

A:No, however gamefilm360.com is a responsive site and works on a majority of mobile devices.

Q:What camera or equipment is recommended for recording film?

A:Gamefilm360.com is compatible with a majority of cameras and equipment.

Q: As a coach, can I manage multiple teams and/or sports?

A:Yes! This version of Gamefilm360.com allows coaches to manage multiple teams and sports.

Q:Can players be a part of multiple teams and/or sports?

A:Yes! This version of Gamefilm360.com allows players to manage all of their teams from one single account.