Team exposure.

Your entire team in one place. GameFilm360 levels the playing field, allowing you to bring your entire team to top recruiters both effectively and efficiently. You can level the playing field by giving every player the same advantage.

Top performance tools.

Video allows you to track, evaluate, and test performance. Video is an invaluable tool that enables coaches to show players highlights of their execution on the field. Video technology allows coaches to see improvement over time, focus in on specific moves and show players exactly what they are doing. Coaches can give their players every advantage and the good news is, by taking advantage of GameFilm360, coaches can easily record from any camera---expensive HD camcorders to inexpensive webcams.

Personalized video lessons for self-study: Video allows you to immediately see a player’s strengths and weaknesses. It allows players to do the same. Players can watch their videos in depth and over time to monitor their own improvements.

Manage from the cloud.

GameFilm360 takes it one step further by allowing you to archive your team's game films on the cloud. This allows you, or anyone you choose, to have instant access to both current and past game films. Save money and space by keeping all of your films in one accessible location.

Encoding Made Easy.

Encoding made easy! We automatically take your video and convert it to the appropriate needed file types making it easier than ever to load your players games to the web.