"I am really excited about the potential of the Gamefilm360 system for our basketball program. The simplicity of the upload/download process and convenient storage in one location for our game, practice, and scout film is terrific. Over the last week I have sent out video to ten D2, D3, and NAIA college basketball programs at their request for one of my players. When given the option of receiving a link to download the video versus a hard copy DVD nine coaches chose to receive the link.

- Rusty Van Cleave, Head Coach, Foothill HS

"I hope you are getting some business from other coaches in the area. They seem to really like it when I am able to provide them with links to game footage so quickly. Also, my players love it. I've seen a lot more constructive self-evaluation from my kids, as they are able to watch their performance without peer pressure. Thanks again for your help."

- Kip Rambo, Head Coach, Fort Knox High School

"Finally — accessibility to my son's game films. What a great tool for him to become a better football player and for us to make his highlight film without bothering the coaching staff."

- Patrick Toohey, Parent

“I don’t get get the advantages that richer schools have. GameFilm360.com allowed coaches at San Diego State see me. It gave me an edge.”

- Anonymous, College Athlete

“We are a small school with a small budget. It is difficult to compete. Its difficult to get them to give their all when the big guys only go to the big schools. GameFilm360.com allowed us to showcase our best talent and motivated our players."

- Anonymous